Submission Information

  • Submission of application : 2023. 6. 9(Fri.)
  • How to apply : Team respresentative submits an application form via web-site
  • Registration Fee : USD 50 per team
  • Caution
  • The received documents cannot be returned.
  • Confidentiality is strictly kept for the details of the submitted business plan in the process of receipt and review.
  • The award is canceled and the prize money is retrieved when the awardee has been awarded in another competition with the same item or is being supported with incubating, or when cheating has been caught.
  • All incurred civil and criminal liability lies with the participant himself or herself when copying others’ ideas, technology, etc.
  • Even after completion and awarding, if an issue of legal liability rises, completion and awarding are nullified, and all civil and criminal legal liability lies with the applicant.
  • To receive protection for one’s idea, we advise applying for intellectual property rights prior to or during participating in this competition, and all disadvantages that occur due to nonregistration must be borne by the participant.
  • The details of the applicant that the participant filled out, such as the business (item) name, participating field, category, team name, target, representative (participant), and teammates, cannot be changed after the application deadline (however, dismissing a teammate is allowed.)
  • When all suggestions made by the applicants do not correspond to the business purpose, the awardee of this competition may not be selected.
  • When falling short of the review criteria and level of completion, the size of the award and the number of people receiving it may be adjusted.
  • The announcement details and schedule are subject to change according to the host’s circumstances.
  • Online activities are recommended to prevent COVID-19 infection, and the COVID-19 preventive measure guidelines must be complied with when conducting offline activities.
  • A person who has submitted a participation application to this competition is regarded as agreeing to all of the above details.
  • Contact
    Academic Society for Appropriate Technology +82-2-887-0226