SMART 2023 Competition Program (08. 01 (Tue.) )

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This is 2023SMART Competition Secretariat.

Welcome to the International 2023SMART Competition to be held from August 1.
This conference will be held in a hybrid manner, so If you want to attend the conference as on-site, you should reply to this email.

[International 2023 SMART Competition]

 - Date: August 1st (Tue.), 2023 09:00~ (Tanzania Time)
 - Venue:  Ufundi Tower Bldg., Arusha Technical College, Tanzania
 - Language: English
 - On/off-line (Hybrid)
 - Opening Ceremony Zoom link:
 - Start-up track Zoom link:
 - Social Responsibility track Zoom link:

The presentation will take 10 minutes per team (5 minutes of presentation, 5 minutes of Q&A).
The presentation will be conducted using the video you submitted in advance, and Q&A will be conducted in real time.
Therefore, at least one member of the team must access the presentation time.
Please check the team name and schedule of the program and access the Zoom meeting room.
When entering the Zoom meeting room, please add the team name to the display name.

If you have anything to ask or request, please send an e-mail to
Thank you.
Best Regards,
2023SMART Competition Secretariat



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